One Heart Healing

Joan Hardy, Energy Healer


“We hold the wisdom to our own happiness and freedom from suffering and now is the time to discover that knowledge within us….”


A devoted mother of two and register nurse, Joan Hardy has dedicated her life to caring for others. 

After many years of critical care nursing, Joan began to witness how Western Medicine was failing the people it was treating. She felt compelled to search for another way to heal her patients. Little did she realize she was actually on a path to unveiling the source of her own personal pain. 

Joan set out on a long journey of self-discovery. She explored various healing modality arts but could not find a modality that provided an effective method to healing the body and spirit. Through her own meditations, she began to realize that the answer to human suffering is within us all.  We have the power to heal ourselves. We all hold the key to our own inner healing and happiness. 

Joan's life purpose is to send this message out to the world. 


Joan is available for private sessions, group healings and classes to learn One Heart Healing. Please contact Joan to inquire about her fees and schedule an appointment.