One Heart Healing

Joan Hardy, Energy Healer

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What should I expect from my first session? 

The first session is 90 minutes.  Make sure to wear comfortable clothing as you will be in a lying position for a majority of the time. There is an initial verbal intake followed by table work and then a short reconnection at the end of session. The healing work involves off the body connection as well as gentle touch to muscles and bones. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes. 


How does One Heart Healing work? 

One heart Healing energy flows through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. The channelling of Ascended Masters, Archangels and Saints help to make the energy healing possible. Breaking down of blockages in the body as well as negative emotions occurs easily. One Heart Healing clears all lifetimes: past, present and future and opens up the opportunity to achieve one’s highest goals and abundances. 


How will I feel after a session? 

Relaxed and peaceful! Physical and emotional symptoms will improve. You can also receive benefits such as increased quality of sleep, better life choices related to health, and improvements in personal relationships and family matters.

How often should I meet for a session? 

Weekly sessions are recommended for 4 weeks and then bimonthly, if possible for a period of time. Frequent visits are very helpful to remove new patterns of density that may develop within the energy system and physical body. The ultimate goal is for you to become your own self-healer. This will occur as you become aware of your own energy systems and learn to clear them.