One Heart Healing

Joan Hardy, Energy Healer

One Heart Healing is a energy that is channeled through Joan Hardy from the Angelic realm and Masters. This energy holds the purest form of our true nature.  One Heart Healing energy allows the heart to awaken, release pain and suffering and rediscover the joyful connection with all of Creation. With Joan's channeled guidance recipients set forth onto a path of personal transformation and self-healing.

One Heart Healing began to be channelled through Joan Hardy in 2004 after returning from a spiritual journey to Egypt. At that time she called the channelled energy, Spontaneous Healing. The healing energy came to her through words and images. She later wrote about this in the Spontaneous Healing Workbook along with a Meditation Guided CD. In Dec 21, 2012 was the historical end of the Mayan calendar and a new way of healing ourselves occurred over night.